A multi-disciplinary exploration of how we can re-awaken our sense of the sacred
and bring it back into every day life and the fabric of our society

How can we honour the sacred in a time of ecological ruin and economic transition? Join us for our second series exploring how we can awaken to what is sacred or most meaningful in daily life - not as a fixed message or ideal but as a living reality. We will approach the theme from a secular, religious and spiritual perspective. This programme explores the following questions:

How can we bring the sacred back into every aspect of life, not just in our individual practice, but also into the fabric of our collective society?
How can we translate the core principles underlying spirituality and religion into cohesive values for a multicultural and primarily secular society?
How can these values enrich and ground our everyday life, or offer a deeper dimension of meaning?

Public dialogues

Wed 8th Oct 2014 6.30pm: Defining the Sacred
With Charles Eisenstein (author of Sacred Economics) and Peter Owen-Jones (Anglican Clergyman).

Wed 19th Nov 2014 6.30pm: Body and Sexuality
With Claire Henderson Davis (theologian and dance artist) and Leora
Lightwoman (tantra practitioner).

Wed 17th Dec 2014 6.30pm: Architecture and Public Space
With Jon Allen (architect) and Jeremy Rye (landscape architect).

Wed 21st Jan 2015 6.30pm: Business and Economics
With Jonathan Dawson (co-Head of Economics at Schumacher College) and Giles Hutchins (co-founder of BCI: Biomimicry for Creative Innovation)

Wed 11th Feb 2015 6.30pm: Leadership
With Tim 'Mac' Macartney (Leadership Development consultant & coach) and Claire Breeze (Management Consultant).

Wed 11th Mar 2015 6.30pm: Earth and environmental consciousness
With Polly Higgins (lawyer specialising in ecocide) Chris Johnstone (Coach and writer).

Earthing Group

The Earthing Group is for those who want to go deeper in to the question of how to bring the sacred into every day life.  The group will attend the public events and in addition, meet in between to explore themes in more depth.

The group process will be designed co-creatively with participants, in response to the group’s needs and interests.   Participants will be encouraged to take an active part in shaping the group’s focus and experience.  It will involve dialogue, reflection, sharing resources, experiential exercises and silence.